Business law

Our Firm serves a wide range of clients, including institutions, manufacturers, managers, start-ups, medium-sized enterprises and subsidiaries of public bodies in all areas of company and contract law.

The Firm's teams have acquired Corporate and M&A know-how, allowing them to assist in all the key stages of clients' operations:

Mergers and acquisitions, business disposals
Joint ventures
Restructuring operations
Private equity
Business advisory services and governance
Issuance of private securities and management incentives
Commercial and industrial contracts

We can also mobilise the other teams of our Firm and, if necessary, our partners in relation to the tax, social, IT and competition issues associated with these transactions. We regularly call on our network of "Best Friends" to assist us with legal and tax operations or procedures that have an international scope.

Thanks to our sectoral expertise, we can provide pragmatic and tailored advice in order to form privileged relationships.

Scope of services

Photo illustrating the governance and life of the company

Acquisition and sale of businesses:

Our Firm assists clients with the business acquisition or sale strategy, in all stages of these sometimes complex operations:

  • Risk audit and due diligence process
  • Structuring of acquisitions or disposals;
  • Drafting of letters of intent and pre-contracts (binding offer, NDA);
  • Management of the data room / Q&A process
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  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts (share purchase agreement, guarantee of assets and liabilities, financing with or without access to capital, shareholders' agreement)
  • Signing and Closing
  • Monitoring of post-closing operations


The Firm's teams are regularly involved in the restructuring of company groups. These exceptional operations require a great deal of upstream preparation by the various legal teams involved. Our Firm has developed expertise in the creation of subsidiaries, the setting up of management holding companies and intra-group agreements.

Our teams handle all legal operations such as mergers, demergers, partial contributions of assets, dissolution without liquidation, and the creation of active and passive holding companies.

Image illustrated by restructuring in business law
Photo illustrated by fundraising.

Fundraising and equity transactions:

Our Firm has developed significant expertise in fundraising and venture capital transactions. The Firm provides services to investors as well as to companies and their founders. The Firm's teams are involved in all stages of fundraising, from love money to SERIES A, B, and C funding.

Our services include:

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  • Risk audit and due diligence process
  • Structuring of investments (tranche financing, mezzanine financing, bond financing, etc.);
  • Drafting of letters of intent
  • Negotiation and drafting of the shareholders' agreement and the documentation for a capital increase or bond plans
  • Signing and Closing
  • Monitoring of post-closing operations

Governance and life of the company:

Our teams guide clients through all the problems and procedures involved in the life of a company, from its incorporation to its sale.

  • Advice on the choice of tax and legal structure
  • Drafting of committee charters and rules
  • Preparation of general meetings and resolutions
  • Implementation of policies to prevent conflicts of interest
  • Approval of the annual financial statements
  • Management of company groups and outlines for internal agreements

The Firm has developed particular expertise for the formation of companies between operators in a competitive situation and the associated governance issues.

Photo illustrating the governance of corporate life
Photo to illustrate commercial contracts in business law.

Commercial and Industrial Contracts / Disposal of Assets:

The Firm advises on all routine business contracts pertaining to the life of the company, but also in connection with complex agreements relating to industrial activities, such as:

  • Civil or commercial leases
  • Distribution contracts
  • General terms and conditions of sale or use
  • Partnership and development contracts
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Our Firm's teams have developed an in-depth knowledge of contracts relating to the renewable and conventional energy sectors, as well as the research and innovation sector.

References / Examples of recent services provided

Assisting an oil operator with the sale of petroleum product distribution assets in France
Assisting a foreign operator in connection with the acquisition of companies in charge of logistics and the distribution of petroleum products in the French overseas departments
Assisting an operator with the sale of a hydrocarbon pipeline asset in France
Assistance with the creation, by industrial operators, of an eco-organisation in the form of a commercial company
Assisting a leading family-owned healthcare group with its internal restructuring
Partnership with a subsidiary of a leading French research institution to help French researchers set up companies to hold research patents and finance their development.
Assisting a leading family-owned group specialising in international wage portage with its internal restructuring
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