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Our Firm has been developing expertise in the maritime field for many years.

We have assisted shipowners with the acquisition and financing of ships (sailing or motor ships as well as cargo ships) under various tax incentive mechanisms (DOM regime, joint ownership, tax lease).

We also have solid experience in the yachting sector in connection with the implementation of schemes for the acquisition and operation of yachts by private individuals within an optimised tax framework.

References / Examples of services

These schemes raise the following issues:

Choice of the structure for acquiring and operating the vessel (commercial operation)
VAT regime
Choice of flag
Recruitment of the crew

Real estate

We have experience in advising French and international clients on the acquisition of real estate assets in France.

Our expertise naturally relates to the choice of the acquisition structure but also to the most appropriate tax regime depending on how the property will be used (private use, unfurnished rental, furnished rental).

We have developed particular expertise in the special regime of furnished rentals (professional or private) as well as in seasonal rentals.

We take into consideration all related issues that may arise, such as the recovery of VAT paid at the time of acquisition or whether wealth tax or inheritance/gift tax will be due in the event of works.

Artists / sportspersons / influencers

For many years the Firm has been helping artists and sportspersons optimise their taxation and in relation to their high mobility.

In particular, we have built up a large network of foreign colleagues which allows us to make an overall assessment of the tax obligations of artists and sportspersons in the various countries where they carry on their activities.

For our influencer clientele, we have developed a partnership with advisers in Dubai and Florida, the preferred destinations for these clients, to make it easier for them to set up.

Art market

We regularly advise on tax and customs issues relating to the import and export of works of art:

  • Import VAT
  • Taxation of capital gains (flat-rate system)

We also provide services in relation to payments in kind


The need for energy is still growing, as is the associated legal framework.

The Firm has extensive expertise in the conventional and renewable energy sector.

The Firm's teams regularly work on cases that encompass the entire energy chain, from production, including storage and transport, through to distribution.

Our Firm works for operators that are leaders in their markets as well as for mid-sized enterprises in specialised markets or subcontractors.

Our Firm assists its clients with a wide variety of issues specific to this sector, such as:

  • The development of renewable energy projects (solar, wind, biomass, hydraulic, etc.) or conventional projects (liquid orgaseous hydrocarbons) in France and abroad;
  • The drafting and negotiation of industrial contracts
  • The valuation and disposal of assets
  • The obtaining of regulatory authorisations
  • Regulatory questions.

The Firm also utilises its knowledge of international issues, particularly in Africa, for large-scale industrial projects in the conventional and renewable energy sectors.

References / Examples of services

Assisting one of the world's largest operators in its application for an exclusive offshore hydrocarbon exploration licence in France
Advising a French construction group on the acquisition of photovoltaic modules for a 300 Mw solar park (contractual and tax aspects / European rules on anti-dumping duties)
Advising a construction group on the development of photovoltaic installations
Assisting an operator with the transfer of an aerial hydrocarbon storage asset
Assisting an operator in a dispute with a West African host regarding the application of hydrocarbon production duties
Assisting an oil operator with the sale of petroleum product distribution assets in France
Assisting a foreign operator in connection with the acquisition of companies in charge of logistics and the distribution of petroleum products in the French overseas departments
Assisting an operator with the sale of a hydrocarbon pipeline asset in France
Assistance with the creation, by industrial operators, of an eco-organisation in the form of a commercial company
Supporting a foreign energy operator in the development of LPG distribution activities in France
Assisting an operator with the sale of its heating oil distribution business

Research & Innovation / Deep tech

Over the years, the Firm has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the research and innovation sectors.

The Firm's teams advise scientific institutions, their investment companies, start-ups and researchers from the world of academia and fundamental research in connection with projects aimed at developing and marketing innovative technologies.

The Firm assists its clients in particular with fundraising, scientific shareholding, the implementation of management incentive plans, and the negotiation and drafting of technology transfer agreements.

References / Examples of services

Partnership with a subsidiary of a leading French research institution to help French researchers set up companies to hold research patents and finance their development.
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